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30 November 2009

Artist Of the Week- Kerli Kolv

Hello my gothic darlings! For this week I chose to put under the spotlight a recent artist. She's called KERLI . She's a singer from Estonia, she's very young (22 years old!) and you might have heard her hit single "Walking On Air" . Her debut album is called Love Is Dead . Her music is a mix between pop and alternative rock (she sounds a bit like Bjork). For all of you who are interested in her music check out this video:

FUN FACT: Both the album cover and the dresses for her video Walking On Air were made by artist Natalie Shau (we already put some of her artwork as images of some of the articles we wrote so far and we will soon have an article about her you don't want to miss! :)

Love and kisses by


29 November 2009

Happy first Advent from Angel_of_HIM :]

I hope you enjoy it more than me x] I am in bed all alone(so I don't infect my bf) with a flu and high fever watching the Spongebob marathon on Nick. >__> *coughs*

And being bored on Stardoll because nobody talks to me *coughs-again*

Check out the new DKNY and try to fill out the Gift-o-Meter. The Interior is really worth it.

Also contact me if you want me to feature your outfit or anything :]


Lisa aka Angel_of_HIM

26 November 2009


Genre: Post Punk, Gothic Rock
Country: England
Activity Period: 1978–1983,1998, 2005– (2008)
Members: Peter Murphy: Vocals
                 Daniel Ash: Guitar
                 Kevin Hankins: Drums
                 David J: Bass
Discography: 1980 The Flat Field
1981 Mask
1982 The Sky’s Gone Out
1982 Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape (Live)
1983 Burning From The Inside
1983 Swing The Heartache – The BBC Session
1992 Rest In Peace: The Final Concert (Live)
1999 Gotham (Live)
2008 Go Away White
Videography: Shadow Of Light

Bauhaus is a post punk/gothic rock band of Northampton, England, formed in 1978 by Peter Murphy (Vocals), Daniel Ash (Guitar), Kevin Haskins (Drums) and David J (Bass).
Their gloomy and introspective sounds and image, Bauhaus is consider one of the first gothic rock bands.
Daniel Ash and David J both friends had the idea to a new band for this they need the right look for the band, so contacted with Peter Murphy, his old school friend who in this then worked in a printing factory, Murphy accept join to the proyect and co-wrote the song "in the flat field" (he never had written any lyrics or music). For complete the line-up joined Kevin Haskins old band mater of Ash and David J's young brother.
Their debut single was "Bella Lugosi's dead" released on 1979 (song of 9 min. recorded live in the study of a single shot). Followed for their first album "In The Flat Fields", an album claustrophobic and dense, and placed them among the vanguard of the movement gothic / sinister with bands like Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure or Joy Division.
In 1981 released their second album "Mask", employed more keyboards and a variety of other instruments to add to the diversity of the record, including the singles "Kick In The Eye" and "The Passion Of Lovers".
Their third album was "The Sky's Gone Out" released in 1982. Including Ziggy Stardust (Bowie's Cover), sinlge "Spirit". This album was released with a limited edition of the live album "Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape".
At that time began the band's internal problems due to the excessive role of vocalist Peter Murphy, who became the main face of advertising Maxel cassette tapes and made a stellar appearance in the preface of the movie "The Hunger" Tony Scott's, where they were supposed to appear all members of the band.
In 1983, Bauhaus presented his latest album "Burning From The Inside" that was their biggest seller and showed the group at its most commercial singles like "She's In Parties". The album began recording by members of the band while Peter Murphy was hospitalized with pneumonia, this detail and the fact that when Murphy was introduced to record the voices of the disc Daniel Ash and David J had recorded their voices in some issues were the detonating for the dissolution of the band.

Before the Bauhaus broke up in 1983, all members of the group made several solo works. Singer Peter Murphy worked briefly with bassist Mick Karn of Japan in the band Dali's Car before record his solo albums as Deep and Love Hysteria. Daniel Ash also recorded and released solo albums under the name of Tones on Tail with Kevin Haskins and Glen Campling, roadie for Bauhaus. David J has released multiple solo albums and collaborated with several musicians over the years. Currently working "in visual arts. Kevin Haskins has been creating electronic music for video games and has also produced artists like Gary Numan.
In 1985, David, Daniel and Kevin formed Love and Rockets who managed to enter the charts in the U.S. in 1989 with "So Alive". The band broke up after seven albums in 1998.
In 1998, Bauhaus reunited for the "Resurrection Tour" which included two new songs ( Severance, Dead Can Dance's Cover and The Dog's a Vapor "which was also published on the OST of the movie" Heavy Metal 2 ") . A live album recorded during the tour, called Gotham,released the same year.
They reunited in 2005, playing that year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.
In 2006 it was announced that the band would tour with Nine Inch Nails on "With Teeth tour".
After to 20 years without record, Bauhaus decide record their last album "Go Away White" ("I come with this darkness and go away white"), the album was recorded in 18 days in California and at this recreates the atmosphere that have always characterized this group.
Peter Murphy described the album as "spontaneous" and while it doesn't sound much as what they did in the past, it has some "positives" and "playfullness" to it.

Bauhaus - Crackle


25 November 2009

Picks of the week

I was posting earlier about 'keeping your eyes open'.

For those who are skeptic I looked up some stuff and now it's going to be my 

'Picks of the week' category. 

Weekly I show you what treasures you can find at regular shops.

I'll 'keep my eyes open' and look around in online shops and maybe take some pics in stores for you.

This week I found some things at H & M for you.

I love the skirt ( but I am not a 'common' size so I won't fit in xD)

And the hat thing <3>

Have a spooky wednesday.

Angel_of_HIM aka Lisa

24 November 2009

GothicDivine for Stardoll

In Blog Gothic Divine on stardoll we started the idea of creating a own clothes collection. 

So maybe stardoll would maybe use the design someday or get atleast inspired by us. ^__^

I started with a drawing and I hope some people would join me soon and also show us some awesome drawings, designs of how they think stardoll clothes should look. 

Artist Of The Week

Hey, This is BallerinaDark writing and my task for now is to nominate a Artist Of the Week (every week..of course XD) . For this week I decided that Emilie Autumn was perfect! She's a young american artist that can sing and write songs and poetries, play piano harpischord and electric violin. Her look is inspired by theather costumes she used to be into since she was young. Her rise to fame as a solo artist began in 2005 with the release of the album "Opheliac". Her sound is a mix between chamber music, industrial, synth pop, classical, cabaret. The song I chose to make you listen to is one of my favourites at the moment and is called Dead Is The New Alive. This is a video of one of her live performances, I thuoght it was perfect to understand her style! ^_^ ♥

Keep your eyes open.

You have problems finding accessories, clothes, Interior, .. and there is no 'Gothic store' close to you. Or no online shop you can use?

Simple trick :P


You won't believe how many things you can find in the 'normal world' that fit your style. 

Go to H&M's, C&A's .. yes even Claire's !

Spiders, Crosses, Fairys, Lace, Velvet, .. 


Lisa aka Angel_of_HIM

23 November 2009

Gloomy Greetings

Why hello, Gothic darlings, my name is Miss Esther Romaine a.k.a. essy717. You may call me Essy or Esther Romaine.

I will be writing about various subjects pertaining to the Gothic sub-culture.

If there is something you would like to know more about especially concerning anything historic feel free to ask me about it and I will answer to the best of my ability. If there is something you would like to ask me to write about just write in my guestbook on stardoll or comment on one of my blogs.
Your melancholy friend,
Miss Esther Romaine

22 November 2009

Hi Everyone

As you could see, i'll write articles about music of the gothic movement.
But that discourtesy, that modals, well i introduce myself, i'm Caro (Carolina) Morrigan, stardoll user Cari_666. [call me for my name Caro or Carolina, cos "Cari_666" is just my sd account ;)]

To begin, i wrote an introduction about the history and origins of music listened in the gothic ambient. The idea is write about bands of diferent genres inside of this, i could leave links with some material uploaded to can be download for you, surprises surprises weekly (how my time permit me)
Suggestions of bands, or things relationated with music, contact me here on Gothic Divine Magazine or here.

if enjoy our articles leave a comment... or i'll kick you (yes specially for mine) ^^

Greetings & Bloody Kisses.

21 November 2009

Good morning :]

Hey you all. It's sunday morning and I thought I post a lil bit about my plans here. 

Hopefully I can do regular posts soon.

I would like to do some stardoll topics like Outfit of the week, so if you think your outfit is worth a look always tell me. :] 

Gothic Lifestyle tipps and tricks. Look forward to it ^___^

'GothicDivine for Stardoll'.  Design clothes and send us a pic. No matter if only pencil, colour or on the computer. Everything will get posted here. Maybe someday Stardoll will look at this and use our designs. ;]

I try to think about themes for contests so we can start soon into an exciting future for Gothic Divine.

Mail me if you have ideas for themes and things we should write about. 

Yours sincerely

Lisa aka Angel_of_HIM

20 November 2009

I welcome you!

Hey, I'm Lisa but people better know me as Angel_of_HIM from stardoll.

I'm one of the new writers here.

I hope you like this still young blog and you'll enjoy reading my posts.

I'm a little busy right now but I try to start regular posting this weekend and get a banner for me ;] 

I'll have my topics in fashion and lifestyle and also bring some stardoll themes in here. :]


Lisa aka Angel_of_HIM 

Music In The Gothic Subculture

All began by late-7O's began to appear bands in the gothic rock and deathrock scene including Bauhaus, Specimen, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Damned, Southern Death Cult, Ausgang, Sex Gang Children, 45 Grave, UK Decay, The Virgin Prunes, Kommunity FK, Alien Sex Fiend and Christian Death. Gloria Mundi, Joy Division, The Cure, early Adam and the Ants and Killing Joke have also been associated.

By the mid-80's, the number of bands began proliferating and became increasingly popular, including bands like The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission (or The Mission UK), Xmal Deutschland, The Bolshoi and Fields of the Nephilim. The Darkwave genre began to take everytime more strength with bands like Clan Of Xymox,Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Black Tape for a Blue girl.

The 90's saw the further growth of 80's bands and emergence of many new bands. This produces what is colloquially termed Ethereal Wave, a subgenre of Darkwave music.

In the mid-90s, the styles of music that were heard in the places where goths attended ranged from gothic rock, deathrock, industrial music, Gothic Metal, EBM, ambient, experimental music, synth pop, shoegazing. This variety was the result of the need to maximize attendance by all outside the alternative music scene, particularly in small towns, and due to the eclectic tastes of the members of the subculture, but also noted further changes in attitude.

The other significant development of the '90s was the popularity of electronic bands like VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk and Covenant in the gothic scene. The emergence of what has been called the music and style Cybergoth (which has much in common with synth pop, furure pop and EBM) caused bitter divisions among its fans and those who were firmly fastened to the guitar's model of the Gothic rock. Bands with a sound typical of the darkwave or those like The Crüxshadows, which combine electronic sounds and gothic rock, drew on both sides, to some extent.

The Dark Cabret born later-90's which draws on the aesthetics of the decadent, risqué German Weimar-era cabarets, burlesque and Vaudeville shows with the stylings of post-70s goth and punk music.

In more recent years have seen a resurgence of positive sound of Gothic Rock and Deathrock. Bands with an earlier goth sound like Cinema Strange, Bloody Dead And Sexy, Black Ice and Antiworld.

Today, the goth music scene has grown mainly in the area of Western Europe, especially German.

The Gothic Metal born to early of 90's technically wasn't born the sounds of Gothic Subculture mentioned previously, althought is relative because some bands,of this genre are from gothic rock or darkwave sounds (bands could be consider them more directly from gothic movement), others just are from Symphonic Metal or Doom Metal sounds, and mixing classic music's elements.

Here finds bands like Lacrimosa, Paradise Lost, The Gathering (early), Lacuna Coil, Epica, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Within Temptation.

The same happens with Industrial Rock / industrial Metal Music born to late-80's take elements of Industrial and Metal Music centered in guitars riffs and synthetizers.

The Industrial Metal is asociated to the case previously said of Gothic Metal, both genres directly aren't from Gothic Subculture, meanwhile the Electro Industrial Music born in 90's is asociated to Electrodark side because shared the use to synthetizers.

Bands like Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Oomph! Laibach, Zeromancer, Dope Stars INC., Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, finds in this category.

Anyway exist followers of these last genres, Gothic Metal and Industrial Metal that possibly could be in the other extreme of Gothic Subculture.

19 November 2009

Gothic Literature

Gothic literature is generally believed to have been introduced in the year 1764 with the publication of author Horace Walpole's "The Castle of Otranto". Gothic literature is characterized by the combined elements of horror and romance. The most prominent features and themes of a good Gothic novelare these: hereditary curses, secrets, death, decay, ghosts, medieval castles, darkness, Gothic architecture, and haunted houses. zthe seminal characters in these pleasingly horrifying novels can range from madwomen,perambulating skeletons and vampires to Byronic heroes and werewolves. In writing "The Castle of Otranto" Walpole set out to combine the modern novel and medieval romance. Unfortunately many well-educated people looked down on this type of literature as merely being sensationalist women's entertainment. Classic novelist Jane Austen gently parodied the Gothic genre by writing "Northager Abbey". In "Northanger Abbey" ther is considerable mention of the Gothic novel, especially Ann Radcliffe's "The Mysteries of Udolpho".

There are several different types of the Gothic novel within the genre. For example Romantic Gothic was introduced by many of the romantic poets. Some prominent examples are: Keats' "La Belle Dame Sans Merci", Lady Caroline Lamb's "Glenarvon", and Coleridge's "Christabel" and "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". In the summer of 1816 the distinguished author Lord Byron hosted a small gathering at his home the Villa Diodati on the banks of Lake Geneva. In attendance were: Percy Bysshe Shelley and his wife Mary, and Lord Byron's personal physician John William Polidori. Lord Byron issued a challenge to his friends to see who could pen the best horror story. Out of this contest came "The Vampyre" from Polidori and "Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus" from Mary Shelley.

By the Victorian era Gothic novels had declined into a form of cheap horror fiction known as the penny dreadful. "Varnet the Vampyre was probablythe most influential of these tales. Edgar Allan Poe began to re-invent the Gothic tale firmly believing "that terror is not of Germany, but of the soul". Some of his most important Gothic stories include: "Fall of the House of Usher', "The Pit in the Pendulum", and "The Oval Portrait". Poe also pays homage to the Gothic novelist Ann Radcliffe by mentioning her name in "The Oval Portrait". Byronic romanticism is also a prevalent theme in the writings of Poe and Emily and Charlotte Bronte. The works of such Gothic writers also had great influence on the writings of more mainstream authors such as Charles D!ckens and Robert Louis Stevenson. Post-Victorian Gothic literature was continued in the 20th century by authors such as Daphne du Maurier, Anne Rice, H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King.

Written by Essy717

13 November 2009

Goths around the world

It's hard to say how big and where the gothic scene has gone nowadays. I've been looking for a number online but couldn't find anything. There's no "sign if you are goth homepage" or an official world wide club to join. There are only vague things that can make your guess :

--> In year 1999 there were 50.000 visitors at the biggest goth festival in Germany (the Gotik Wave Treffen)

--> The magazines "Zillo" and "Gothic" sell more than 250.000 magazines around the world.

The scene is international with centers of gravity in western nations and Japan.
The differences in the countries are mainly influenced by the local music and fashion trends but also the the already existing cultural and religious traditions affect the arrangement of the culture. These trends do change fast though. In some places the infrastructure only keeps up via internet over regions and countries. (virtual infrastructures)

But there's no border gothic can break. There is no soul it can't touch! :)

written by Angel_of_HIM

10 November 2009

♠ Gothic Make Up ♠

Black liquid eyeliner, black pencil ,black/grey/purple/blue/red/white/green eyeshadow, fake black or dark coloured eyelashes, black thick mascara, bloodred/black lipstick, pale foundation, perfect eyebrows. And don't forget to be as artistic as you can! Especially when putting make up on your eyes...eyeliner and well put eyeshadow can do miracles!!

"If I'm dressing up, I draw cat-eyes with my black eyeliner, or a Emilie Autumn-style heart on my cheek. If it's really special, I might do theatrical style dolly make up: white cake with blushed cheek and long lashes" said by ♥ TrekkieGirl ♥

"I don't use make up all the time because I hate removing it, it's like scraping a nice painting you worked on for days!" said by ♥ Rosiee ♥

♥What makes a Goth..a real Goth..♥

Attitude and mindset come first, I think...The interest in classical literature and arts, whether they are darker or romantic. Also the realisation that life can be pretty horrible - and instead of bemoaning it - finding creative expression in the aforementioned classical and romantic arts-- and not being afraid of juxtapose it with the harshly modern and industrial. I believe out of this, comes the lifestyle, music and clothing. The beauty of being goth, I think, is that you can reinterpret it for yourself--be creative and individual, rather than fit the stereotypical mould.

said by ♥ TrekkieGirl ♥

09 November 2009

Welcome To GothicDivine!!

Welcome everybody to GothicDivine magazine!! It's about the Gothic subculture and all that's around it! We will have articles about gothic fashion, literature, art,music, legends,myths...about anything connected with the Gothic world. ^_^ Keep in touch and you won't be disappointed!

See you soon my Gothic darlings...


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