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31 December 2009

Hey you guys. :] A happy new year from me and all the writers(I hope you agree xD).

I'll have a good dinner/movie/home night. And later I'll shoot some rockets in your name. xD

Enjoy the night and have a good start into the new year :] 

28 December 2009

Elizabeth Bathory-The Legend Of Blood Countess

Countess Elizabeth Báthory (Báthory Erzsébet , August 7, 1560 – August 21, 1614) was a countess from the renowned Báthory family. She is possibly the most prolific female serial killer in history and is remembered as the "Blood Countess" . After her husband's death, she and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls and young women, with one witness attributing to them over 600 victims, though the number for which she was convicted was 80. The case has led to legendary accounts of the Countess bathing in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth and subsequently also to comparisons with Vlad III the Impaler of Wallachia, on whom the fictional Count Dracula is partly based, and to modern nicknames of the Blood Countess. On 21 August 1614, Elizabeth Báthory was found dead in her castle. Since there were several plates of food untouched, her actual date of death is unknown.

According to the testimonies, her initial victims were local peasant girls, many of whom were lured to Čachtice by offers of well-paid work as maidservants in the castle. Later she is said to have begun to kill daughters of lower gentry, who were sent to her gynaeceum by their parents to learn courtly etiquette. Abductions were said to have occurred as well. At the trial there were accusations of pagan practices and witchcraft.

The descriptions of torture that emerged during the trials were often based on hearsay. The atrocities described most consistently included:

◘severe beatings over extended periods of time, often leading to death

◘burning or mutilation of hands, sometimes also of faces and genitalia

◘biting the flesh off the faces, arms and other bodily parts including biting off and eating the bellybuttons

◘freezing to death

◘surgery on victims, often fatal

◘starving of victims

◘sexual abuse

The use of needles was also mentioned by the collaborators in court.

This story remains one of the most controversial events in Medieval times. Many bands and artists where inspired by Elisabeth Bathory...


27 December 2009

Hey ;]

I'm really sorry for not posting some time but it's a lil busy here. 

Xmas,.. New Year is coming up... 

and my honeymoon jan. 5-7. :P and my marriege on jan. 9th :]

But I promise to bring some tips and tricks annnnd suites and scenerys for you soooon. 

I hope you look forward to it. 


Angel_of_HIM aka Lisa

23 December 2009

Christmas Holiday Nights Movies

Hello everyone! So tomorrow is Christmas eve..Xmas holidays begin..here are two movies you might want to watch in these days:

Edward Scissorhands:

Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 comedy-drama fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. The film tells the story of an artificial man named Edward, an unfinished creation, who has scissors for hands. Edward is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter Kim....

Nightmare Before Christmas:

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 stop motion fantasy film directed by Henry Selick and produced/co-written by Tim Burton. It tells the story of Jack Skellington, a being from "Halloween Town" who opens a portal to "Christmas Town"...



Gothic Idols- Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese (born September 28, 1972) is an Armenian-American burlesque artist, model and actress. She is well known for her fascination with 1940s cinema and classic retro style. This began at a young age. Her mother was a fan of old, Golden-era Hollywood films, and it was from her that Von Teese developed a fascination with the actresses of that day. She was classically trained as a ballet dancer from an early age and she originally wanted to be a ballerina. She was later to incorporate this element into her burlesque shows, (where she frequently goes en pointe). She worked in a lingerie store as a salesgirl. Von Teese has been fond of wearing elaborate lingerie such as corsets and basques with fully fashioned stockings ever since. In college Von Teese studied historic costuming and aspired to work as a stylist for period films.

(Dita in her wonderful purple wedding dress)

Von Teese began her career in a local strip club when she was eighteen. Disappointed with the lack of originality in all the other strippers' acts, Von Teese created a vintage-inspired outfit, with beehive hairstyle and elbow-length gloves coupled with a basque and seamed stockings, piquing the interest of the clientele.
It was during this time at the strip club that she began some glamour modeling, before she eventually became a fetish model. Her retro pin-up look, frequently emulating Bettie Page in photo shoots, set her apart from most other fetish models.

Von Teese is best known for her burlesque routines and is frequently dubbed "the Queen of Burlesque" in the press. Von Teese began performing burlesque in 1993 and, as a proponent of New Burlesque, has helped to popularize its revival. In her own words, she "puts the tease back into striptease" with long, elaborate dance shows with props and characters, often inspired by 1930s and 1940s musicals and films. Some of her more famous dances have involved a carousel horse, a giant powder compact, a filigree heart and a clawfoot bathtub with a working shower head. Her feather fan dance, inspired by burlesque dancer Sally Rand, featured the world's largest feather fans, now on display in Hollywood's Museum Of Sex. Her signature show features a giant martini glass.

She became world famous when she married Brian Warner (Marylin Manson) in 2005.


22 December 2009

Merry Xmas To You From Gothic Divine

Hi, I'm Caro and since is christmas eve i'll don't talk about a band, i'm here to wish you a merry christmas to all the lectors and colaborators (of course the "chief" Ballerinadark, Angel_of_Him, Miss Esther Romaine (though i don't know her) ) of Gothic Divine Magazine ^.^

Well keeping with my music section, i left some videos related with this eve:

To Gothic Metal followers this song of Within Temptation, Gothic Christmas.... Rudolph nevermore will be the same........ now will calls him Ragnagord, the evil reindeer overlord.

To Gothic rock lovers (i'm in) this beautiful romantic song of London After Midnight, The Christmas Song.

and this is a bonus... most of my best friends like indie rock, for this i know them (they're good, for a strange reason i like them), The Killers, Don't shoot me Santa .. if you wanna have a funny moment watch and listen this ....are good kids, or Santa gonna come for you.

*i didn't found and i didn't remember electrodark, industrial or EMB songs for this ocation for the people who like of this genre...sorry >.<

 Merry Xmas To You!

19 December 2009

Saturday Night Movie Tip ;]

If some of you still don't know what to do this evening get yourself a good movie and watch Session 9. For all those who love creepy movies and enjoy lunatic asylums just like me x] 

Have a spooky weekend. :] 

Your Angel_of_HIM

18 December 2009


Genre: Post Punk, Gothic Rock
Country: Argentina.
Activity Preiod: Mid 80's - near 2000
Members: Wanda: Voice.
Fabián Iribarne: Guitar.
José Wyszogrod: Keyboards.
Ricardo Parrabere: Bass, voice, electronic drums. 
Discography: 1987 Gala

Euroshima born in the mid 80's, in Argentina. Formed by Wanda in voice, Fabián Iribarne in guitar, José Wyszogrod in keyboards and Ricardo Parrabere in electronic drums, bass and voice. Was one of the first bands of the gothic scene Argentine and Southamerican, in spite of had a short career since released only one disk in 1987 named "Gala", are consider like a cult band till today.
The band was strongly influenced for band as The Cure and Siouxie & The Banshees above by the side of Wanda; but they don't played with a "human drumer" because the drums was electronic sequences recorde for Ricardo, which gives the linear sound on drums in their disk "Gala". Their lyrics are about macabre, love not forgotten, appearances, lost hopes, repression.
Finaly Euroshima dissolved near to 00's.

Euroshima - Gala


17 December 2009

Upcoming articles

Hey there :) I'm just passing by to tell you my dear readers about some upcoming articles you don't want to miss... For the section Gothic Idols I will be talking about Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese..from pin-up style to burlesque since it's correlated to gothic fashion style. Then I will write (or somebody else will :P) about gothic charms and symbols and for the fans an article will be dedicated to Gothic Charm School and the Lady Of Manners...this is it for now..until new ideas come up to our minds and also your minds..  ^_^

See you soon darlings..have a nice weekend ♥

♥Yours, BallerinaDark♥

16 December 2009

Gothic Architecture - general overview-

As requested here's an article about Gothic Architecture ^_^ I took some info from web sites since I'm not an art expert and some facts are things I've studied at school :P

Gothic architecture is a style of architecture which flourished during the high and late medieval period. It evolved from Romanesque architecture and was succeeded by Renaissance architecture.

Originating in 12th-century France and lasting into the 16th century, Gothic architecture was known during the period as "the French Style" (Opus Francigenum), with the term Gothic first appearing during the latter part of the Renaissance as a stylistic insult since it was considered rude and barbaric. Gothic architecture is most familiar as the architecture of many of the great cathedrals, abbeys and parish churches of Europe. It is also the architecture of many castles, palaces, town halls, guild halls and universities.

You can distinguish a gothic cathedral or church from a romanic one by the shape first of all. Gothic monuments are tall with a lot of long "cracks" (I don't know if this is the right word :p)to make it look darker and imponent. Its characteristic features include the pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress.

The most beautiful gothic monuments were built in Germany,France and England..where the style movement started. The material used were mostly coarsed limestone, dark green marble and some time bricks.


A view on... The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera is one of the most beloved musical of all times...It was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber who based it on Gaston Leroux's novel Fantome de l'opera.  The musical focuses on a beautiful soprano, Christine Daaé, who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured musical genius known as "The Phantom of the Opera".  Recently few films were made about this musical. Famous is the one with Sarah Brightman as Christine Daae and Micheal Crawford and the Phantom but also the 2004 movie with Gerald Butler (Phantom) and Emmy Rossum (Christine) seems to have had a lot of success! (♥I LOVE IT!!♥).

This is the beginning of the story for those of you who still haven't seen it:

It all begins in 1919, as the effects of a dilapidated Paris Opera House are being sold off at auction. Raoul the Vicomte de Chagny (Patrick Wilson), now an old wheelchair-bound man, purchases a coveted music box. During the auction, Raoul spots a familiar figure: Madame Giry (Miranda Richardson), whom he met as a young man. Madame Giry is now an old woman, almost 50 years later. But he is distracted by the next piece for auction, Lot 666; a chandelier in pieces which has been restored and newly electrically wired. As the auctioneers display the restored chandelier, the opening crescendo of music wipes away the years of decay from the opera house as the black and white turns into color, and the audience is transported back in time to 1870, the beginning of the story, when the opera was in its prime.

A disfigured musical genius called "The Phantom," (Gerard Butler), lives within the deepest recess of the opera house. Tormented by his scarred face, the Phantom lives in the watery labyrinths beneath the Opéra Populaire in Paris. After nearly ten years of quiet obsession with the delicate, ethereal voice of Christine Daaé (Emmy Rossum) and the beautiful young soprano herself, he plots to place his protégé at center stage.

Christine is caught between her love for Raoul, her childhood sweetheart who has returned into her life, and her fascination and pity for the Phantom. Jealous and possessive, the Phantom plots to make Christine his, resorting to stalking her wherever she goes as well as killing several people....

Intriguing uh?? :P but don't forget this is a musical! Many bands have covered the main song "Phantom Of The Opera", I think goth band Lacrimosa did the best cover..but also Nightwish one is cool..there is also a punk cover by Blink 182 XD
Anyway the song I'd like you to hear is not that one..you can go and check it out for yourselves and listen to the version of it you like most (I'll probably upload one on gothicdivine playlist. I'd like you to hear the song Music Of The Night..which is my favourite :P Here's the video with some scene taken from the film!

♥I hope you enjoyed this article...Yours BallerinaDark♥

Artist Of The Week- Tarja Turunen

Here we are again with our usual Artist Of The Week...this time I chose gothic/symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH ex-singer TARJA TURUNEN. She's a finnish soprano singer-songwriter- composer class '77, she became famous to the world when she entered Nightwish. She abandoned the band in 2005 to start her solo project which I could define excellent. Her first solo album is called My Winter Storm and it came out in 2007 and for 2010 a new album which will probably be called What Lies Beneath will be released.

Fun Fact you might not care about XD : The name GothicDivine came right out of one of her songs! "Damned Vampire & Gothic Divine" !! I think it was right then to dedicate her an article :) and the song I will upload it in the new music thingy I put on the blog so you can listen it from there ok?

Let's go back to her music..her sound is a mix between classical music, opera, symphonic rock and she's considered one of the best finnish singers infact in 2003 she was invited by finnish president to the President's Palace for Finnish Independence Day Party which is the most important and biggest social event in Finland.

And now my video suggestion! Here is her video for "My Winter Storm" ..check it out ^_^

♥Love and Kisses by BallerinaDark♥

15 December 2009

The Cure

Genre: Post Punk, Gothic Rock, Alternative Rock
Country: England.
Activity Period: 1976 - Present.
Members: Robert Smith: Voice, lyrics, keyboard, six strings bass, guitar.
Simon Gallup: Bass, keyboard.
Porl Thompson: Guitar, Sax, keyboard.
Jason Cooper: Bass
Discography: 1979 Three imaginary boys
1980: Boys don't cry
1980 Seventeen seconds
1981 Faith
1982 Pornography
1983 Japanese wispers
1984 The top
1984 Concert, The cure live (Live)
1985 The head on the door
1986 Stanging on a beach
1987 Kiss me kiss me kiss me
1989 Desintegration
1990 Mixed up
1990 Entreat (Live)
1992 Wish
1993 Show (Live)
1993 Paris (Live)
1996 Wild mood swings
1997 Galore
2000 Bloodflowers
2001 Greatest hits
2004 Join the dots
2004 The cure
2006 from festival 2005 (Live)
2008 4:13 Dream
Videography: 1986 Staring At The Sea
1987 The Cure In Orange
1991 Picture show
1991 The cure play out
1993 Show
1997 Galore - The Videos 1987-1997
2001 The Cure Greatest Hits
2003 The Cure Trilogy
2006 The Cure Festval 2005

The Cure is one of the rock bands more popular in the underground scene, with more than 30 years of history.
Founded in 1976, England under the name Easy Cure, that with the pass of the years in 1978 would become what we know today as The Cure. Passing for changes in the line-up, with the most stable members, the founder Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, and Porl Thompson (founder who has left and returned to the band on three occasions).
The band began to play post punk sounds, but the feature and essence of The Cure are their rock sound with dark atmospheres and with the time also using more pop sounds, Their metaphorical and gloomy lyrics written by Robert, are about desires for something more, breathlessness, hopelessness, loss of innocence, and above all to love.

There was a period where there was an association between The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees, because Banshees tour in late 1979, Robert played covering the gap left by the departure of guitarist John McKay, and he continued till help to record the albums "Hyaena" and "Nocturne".
After the release of five albums at middle of 80's The Cure already was consider a cult band with their own style and sound, specially for the album "Pornography". Continuing with their career the band passed for different changes in the members during the release of their next disks and compilations, tours. After to release of "Desintegration" in 1991 The Cure finaly won the eagerly awaited recognition on their land, The Brit Awards.
The Changes in the lineup already were persistent, in 1992, the band released Wish its biggest-selling album so far.In 1995 came to the band Jason Copper to stay until today.
In 2000 released "Bloodflowers", album where they recover their darkness preceded for albums Pornography and Desintegration.
"The Cure" and their recent work "4:13 Dream" have been the last albums of the band and the history of The Cure continue.

The Cure also recorded the song "Burn" to the film The Crow; recorded "World In My Eyes" to a tribute album of Depeche Mode, "Purple Haze" to a tribute album of Jimi Hendrinx called "Stone Free", "Something More Than This" to the soundtrack of tv serie X-files.

The Cure - Desintegration


Music In The Blog !! ♥

Hello everyone!! As you may have noticed, music was added to the blog! (yay!!) For now I've only added a few songs by Emilie Autumn, The Cure,Bauhaus, Siouxsie and The Banshees and some others...but if you have any suggestion of songs you might want to listen to while reading the blog write them in a comment to this post or contact me ok?? ^_^

Have a nice day my gothic darlings!!


13 December 2009

Amanzing wall decor

Greetings from Angel_of_HIM :] Wishing you a happy 3rd advent sunday.

I'm stopping by to remind you or maybe show you for the first time the beautiful pictures made by Ruth-Sechmet
Visit her and buy one if you don't already have the whole collection ;]

'Room' of the week

Yes. I decided to rename my 'Suite of the week' into 'Room of the week' x].

Soooo... my Room of the week is the current room of 'SeleneVampBlood'.

I was stunning when I came to her suite while looking around on peoples pages. 

Congratulations, I'm speechless :] 

12 December 2009

Gothic Idols- Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams is a fictional character created by cartoonist Charles Addams in the 30s. She is a vamp lady, with pale sking and long black hair. She usually wears long tight gothic dresses and many goths take her as their idol especially for the look. Morticia is the most famous "gothic" character. In the first tv series in the 60s it was Caroline Jones who starred as Morticia but in the 90s movies she has be interpreted by Anjelica Houston.

(Caroline Jones as Morticia)

Morticia is musically inclined, and is often seen freely strumming a shamisen. She frequently enjoys cutting the buds off of roses which she discards, keeping only the stems. She also has a carnivorous plant, an African Strangler named Cleopatra, which she enjoys feeding.


10 December 2009

Gothic Dolls

This is BallerinaDark, and today I'd like to talk you about dolls. Many of you might not know of the existance of authentic gothic dolls. So..stop picking up on Barbies and stop cutting of their heads or turning them into mummies..or whatever else you have ever done bad to them! XD Check out LIVING DEAD DOLLS and BLEEDING EDGE DOLLS !! These are the link where you can get one or two..or all of them!! XD



here are some preview pics of the dolls you might want to get :P

living dead dolls--->

bleeding edge dolls--->

I personally prefer the bleeding edge collection...but these ones come packed in a black box , the living dead dolls come packed in a coffin shaped box :)

♥I hope i was helpful ♥ Kisses by BallerinaDark♥

09 December 2009

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows

Genre: Gothic, Classical, Baroque, Medieval, Darkwave, Dark Folk, Electronic (Unique).
Country: Sanatorium Altrosa, Germany
Activity Period: 1989 - present
 Member(s): Anna-Varney Cantodea: Voice, Lyrics, instruments, programing.
The Ensemble Of Shadows
Discography: 1991 Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell (demo tape)
1995 Todeswunsch - Sous Le Soleil De Saturne
1997 The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller
1997 Voyager - The Jugglers Of Jusa
1999 Dead Lovers' Sarabande (Face One)
2000 Dead Lovers' Sarabande (Face Two)
2001 Songs From The Inverted Womb
2003 Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell
  2004 La Chambre D'Echo
2004 Flowers In Formaldehyde
2007 Les Fleurs Du Mal
2008 Sanatorium Altrosa
Videography: In der Palästra
Like A Corpse Standing In Desperation
2009 The Goat...and other re- animated Bodies

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows is the (group?/solo?) proyect of multi-intrumentalist Anna-Varney Cantodea. Formed in Germany in 1989 that over the years have evolved in their sound classical, baroque, medieval, gothic and even electronic music (and lately in aesthetic because beagan with a completly androgeny style till today closer to the feminine) have known keep their unique and own sound.
Basing their music, poetry and visual appearance (their "Sacred Trinity") giving emphasis in individual expresion of pain, isolation, depresion, love, unlove and touch suicides. The holistic concept best described by him/herself as "introverted exhibitionism" ritualistic/ Jungian art is not necessarily rooted in the grounds of a commonly accepted sense of aesthetics (giving to his/her work its serious and most unique character)

Little is know about the mind behind Anna, who consider her/himself as the transgendered and utterly beautiful Goddess (and likewise tragically Butoh-esque creature) (a gothic housewife and supermodel); usually not give many interviews, unless someone you trust to ensure her/his "anonymity"; and that notwithstanding the passage of time and unfortunately for us as fans of her/his art, she/he refuses to perform her/his work on live in front of humans.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Dead Lovers Of Sarabande (Face One)


08 December 2009

I wanted to let u know ...

Good moons i'm Caro, how here in my country ("the ass of the world" literaly) is a holyday i've thought in my problem that all of you could see... yep i write too much in the biography of bands (cos i get excited writing), and how i don't want bore you i'll keep write Bios but without too much details (of disk for examples or gigs) only in the "technique-info".
This is,.... i wanted to let u know :)
and yep, i keep leaving download links with disk (or material) of artists to u know them.

(while i'm waiting to finish loading a file to my next bio :O)

kisses kisses Meow!

07 December 2009

Suite of the week

My suite of the week (sometimes it will be also more than one xD) is from Helena_by_MCR. I know her rooms since my early beginnings on Stardoll. 

They are older now but I still adore her ideas. I would never think of using certain things like that. :] lovely. 

Picks of the week

Orsay :]

http://world.orsay.com/ THANK GOD I'M A WOMAN (I love that slogan xD)

Artist Of The Week- The Birthday Massacre

Hello everyone!! Today's is monday..it's probably the most hated day of the week for many XD anyway..For this week I choose to talk about The Birthday Massacre. Originaly named Imagica, this synth rock band with dark/gothic influence began its career in 1999. In 2002 they gained fame with the release of "Nothing and Nowhere" and became very successful with their record "Walking with strangers".

The band is formed by lead singer Chibi , guitarist Rainbow and Micheal Falcore, O.E. at the bass, O-en at the keyboards and drummer Rhim. I think they are a very interesting band. The sound reminds me a bit of the 80s...you know..the synthetizers...♥ Here's a video of their song "Blue" (I think it's one of their best videos ever...)

Kisses by BallerinaDark ♥
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