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31 August 2012

Upcoming Movies and Movies for your gothy weekend

Upcoming new movies which we think are worth watching:


In the town of Blithe Hollow, Norman Babcock is a boy who can speak to the dead, but no one besides his eccentric new friend, Neil, believes his ability is real. One day, Norman's estranged eccentric uncle tells him of an important annual ritual must he take up to protect the town from an curse cast by a witch it condemned centuries ago. Eventually, Norman decides to cooperate, but things don't go according to plan. Now, a magic storm of the witch threatens Blithe Hollow as the accursed dead rise. Together with unexpected new companions, Norman struggles to save his town, only to discover the horrific truth of the curse. With that insight, Norman must resolve the crisis for good as only he can. 


Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter. 


Young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences. 

And now some movies we suggest for your gothy weekend:


When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality. 


A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.


29 August 2012

Gothic Divine interviews...Karoliina of "Bones and Lilies"

 "Bones and Lilies", the blog of finnish goth Karoliina, is a must-read for all of you fond of gothic make-up, looks and also DIY. That's why we chose Karoliina as victim for our new interview! Read through to find out more about her and her blog!

Bones And Lilies

What inspired you to create your blog? 

I started to think about blogging when I got into indie cosmetics and found wonderful online communities on Facebook. I really wanted to share my experiences and just gush over all the lovely cosmetics I'd found! I also had purchased a nice camera (my brother's old) and wanted to share pictures I took. Nowadays I blog much about events I got to, but still write a lot about cosmetics.

Why Bones And Lilies as title?

The title was one of the hardest things to come up with. I was browsing clothes on a webstore when I came across a label called Skulls and Roses, or something similar. I can't remember what the label was, but it was something & something. So I built my blog's name from there. I was already planning a tattoo with lilies and cat skulls, so Bones and Lilies it was. I got the tattoo done this summer and just got the last bit fixed yesterday, so no my blog really is a part of me :)


When did you realise you were a goth?

I'd say when I first heard the Sisters of Mercy. I didn't really listen to any music before I met my first boyfriend at age 15. He was a big Sisters fan and I finally found the music style that really fit me. I had been dressing in long, flowing skirts and in black and red for some time earlier, but music was and is the thing for me. I was lucky to live in the capital, so there were lots of events available when I turned 18, and I soon moved to another large city which just happened to be the goth capital of Finland. I still hang out with the same people who I met at the first clubs I went to ten years ago!

Has your goth appearance ever brought any problem in your life?

My parents have never approved of the way I look, but luckily I don't have to pay heed to their opinions any more ;P I work in the games industry, so I just sit at an office all day and no one is bothered by how I look. When I was a teen, I did meet one counselor who was adamant that goth meant worshiping the devil and doing drugs, and needless to say we didn't really hit off. I'm quite sure she wasn't a favourite among other teens either.

How did you become interested in make-up? 

I had a nice makeup collection when I was 14, but it was stolen (or most of it, all my lovely Spice Girls inspired glitters and blue mascara!) and I never re-purchased most of it. I went with just mascara and powder for years. When I stumbled upon indie cosmetics about two years back, I was inspired and interested. I was having a phase where I wanted to change my looks, dyed my hair and got new clothes, so makeup was a natural addition. I have background in traditional arts, so doing makeup looks is kind of a continuation of painting and drawing.


Do you have any idols?

Somehow I'm not the type of person who has idols. I adore how some people look, for example Adore Batbrat, Miss Mosh or Raquel Reed, but I don't know enough about their personalities to call them idols. Visual idols, maybe. I love to look at pretty pictures! Maybe Amy of Sugarpill cosmetics would be my idol, since she has created an unique brand and the company really excels in customers service and graphic design. I look up to women who look good and work hard to achieve the things they want, not something someone else expects them to do.

What's your favourite music genre? Any band or specific song you would like to recommend?

I love gothic rock. I'm pretty boring, I mostly listen to 80's bands and am suspicious about new music. I also listen to a lot of neofolk and synthpop, and some industrial. I'd like to take the opportunity to recommend a few Finnish artists! I really like Loistava Polku (http://soundcloud.com/loistava-polku), their lyrics are in Finnish but the sound is of the early eighties batcave bands. Another is Murnau's Playhouse (http://www.myspace.com/murnausplayhouse) who make gothic rock. From the neofolk side, I recently found Harmony Garden (http://youtu.be/xyVgtZWqOZs). It's really traditional neofolk with sombre vocals and an acoustic guitar.

Reading through your blog, I understand that you travel a lot. What's your favourite place you've been to and why?

I'd have to say Berlin. It's a huge city, but very friendly and sort of bohemian. Everyone is accepted, there are a lot of people dressing in alternative styles and Germans in the Berlin area are very helpful and nice. It's a true cosmopolitan city! I've been to Berlin only twice (unless you count taking a taxi from the airport to the railway station and hopping on a train), but the first time was a month long language course. So I know my way around the city well and have seen the most obvious sights, know what to eat where to go for a goth night out ;) I'm yearning to go there again and can definitely recommend it to all goths! You don't even have to know any German to get around, everyone speaks English.

Did you attend any gothic festival or event lately?

I went to WGT, one of the largest goth festivals there is. It's held in Leipzig, Germany, and this was my second time there. A really lovely event! I've also been to many Finnish events lately, like Lumous Gothic Festival, the northernmost goth fest :) Goth clubs mainly mean spending time with friends for me, so I attend most that are happening in my home city. I think Club Bella Morte was the latest.

Anything else you would like to say?

I'm a big fan of the Gothic Divine Magazine! It's great to have a place where one can find information on the goth culture. Hugs and kisses to all readers!


10 August 2012

Question post on..: Internet and Goths

First question post didn't have much response maybe due to the summer holidays, though the few answers received were very interesting and we loved reading the contrasting opinions on the evolution of goth image.

Well, time for a new question!

How much do you think has the internet influenced the spread of goth culture? If much, in which way?

Do you think the internet has been a positive input for the culture or not?

What is your opinion on "internet goth idols" like Adora Batbrat?

Internet Goth Idol Adora Batbrat


01 August 2012

Question post on..: Evolution Of Dark Aestethics

First Question Post! :) 

Original Goth vs. Nowadays Goth

Compared to the original 80s Goths, what do you think of the current Goth image (clothing, make-up, attitude)? Do you prefer the 80s kind of Goth or the modern ones? Why?

Do you think present day Goths (also known as Babybats) are too focused on appearance?

Do you agree that the meaning and image of goth has become a little too much dispersive and has lost the original concept?

Share your opinions! Thanks!

Gothic Divine..Evolves!

Hello dear Gothic Divinities!

Everybody who followed us since the beginning of this blog back in 2009, know that the original subtitle for this blog was "Gothic Divine Magazine..YOUR goth magazine!" as it was meant to gather information on goth culture mainly with the help of the readers of this site. It didn't work out very well at the beginning maybe because there weren't many blog followers, so we basically started to do all the "work" ourselves by searching on website or taking inspiration by our personal experiences. But now, considering also that recently all the authors of this blog are too busy with their personal lives to keep writing constantly for the blog, we have decided to get back to the original idea. From now on, YOU will be the ones writing the articles for this blog.

How? Very simple. Every week, a "QUESTION POST" will be published. As you surely have already undestood from the title, it will contain questions regarding goth culture. Almost like it happened with our recent post "It's easier to be goth in.." where we asked you how's goth life in your country and we received lots of interesting responses and then published back the more interesting ones..! It's a kind of live poll, Gothic Divine will become a sort of forum where to discuss about goth stuff!

Of course, there will still be normal posts.. It will just become more and more interactive. Also, as soon as we'll reach at least 350 followers we will open a Facebook or a Twitter page so again, mooore interactive! 

Do you like the idea? Next post will be full of questions and of course we count on your partecipation ;)


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