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27 March 2011

Emo is NOT the new Goth - Part 2

A smart person, but even a child of 2 years old can already understand the abyss of difference there is between goths and emos after reading the first part. But I'm definitely going to help you SEE it, if you still didn't get it. Let's start from the appearance. I'll pick two kids of the same age, of the same sex.



Now...how can you not see the difference??????????

First: The graciousness. Can't you see how gracious and solemn and not pretentious the pose of the goth is?

Secondly:The inspiration. The goth is clearly inspired by the music she listens to which talks about death and love, darkness, dark literature, art and history. All the emo is inspired by is how many "likes" she will get on Facebook or Netlog as soon as she posts the pic. Nothing else.

Third thing: the clothing. The emo wears the classical teenage clothing. T-shit with a skull (omg so hardcor3 <3!! -_-"), hot pink skinny jeans (like her idol Avril lavigne probably teached her), checkered belt and a Mana Sama like haircut! (too bad she has no idea of who Mana Sama is -_-"). The goth is wearing a long classy dress in black velvet, with a corset like bust, laces and webbed details, a chocker like in victorian era. Inspired by idol Morticia Addams. She looks mature.

Now let's get back to the music. Where it all starts. As I said in part 1 the music of the emos is mainly emo-core, screamo and pop-punk. Well here comes the BIG difference. Goth listen to gothic rock, gothic metal, darkwave, EBM, industrial. See?? If you listen to the genres and make a comparison you'll definitely hear the difference.

You might say: "but goths are or act depressed just like emos!! So they are alike!"

Once again. NO. Goths can be depressed, of course. But anybody can be depressed! Even your mother or your prep classmate! But one thing you'll know for sure. Goths would never lie on depression because it's not part of the "ritual" to be a goth. You don't have to be depressed to be a goth. A goth is someone who listens to the music genres listed above, that likes a kind of clothing inspired by the beauty of darkness, history and art and sex in some cases and that likes thing that are nomally considered creepy by "normal" people.That's it! Nothing more, nothing less.


Thank you for your attention,


Emo is not the new Goth -PART 1

I'm very sick and tired of being labeled EMO instead of GOTH. Many people still didn't get the difference between this two cultures,of which one I'm not even sure it is a culture. (guess which one? xD)

so...WHAT IS "EMO"?

Emo was (and is some cases still is) a MUSIC GENRE which derives from punk-rock and is also known as emo-core. Emo-core is a music genre that's hardcore but melodic in the same time, lately it has become even more MAINSTREAM and INDIE and at the same time more POP.
The emo wave is born in the second half of the 80s, precisely in Washington DC where some bands like Embrace (considered the first true emo band) decided to make a music genre that was hardcore but non-violent. That's why, as a consequence in the following years the genre got more similar to pop music in many cases. Pop-punk bands like My Chemical Romance or 30secondstomars are considered in fact emo.

With every music movement comes a clothing style. Emo style has evolved through the years, just like the music. At first emos would wear a clothing style inspired by skaters of the 80s who were actually different from today's skaters. No baggy clothes but only skinny jeans, t-shirts and tattoos. The hairstyle was short or very very short, almost bald. No sign of the long fringes covering the eyes which is the main characteristic of today's emo style. The average age of the followers was from 15 to 30 max and boys looked like men, not like girls... xD Now the followers of this style are mainly teenagers who didn't start to be emos because of the music but as a consequence of the popularization of this style. The media started infact to emphatize especially the physical aspect of being emo, putting the music in second place. Kids started to translate "emo" into "emotional", believing that emo is a state of mind and the clothing a consequence of that. These very confused kids started to mix all the clothing styles they had seen so far. The studs of the metal heads, the crazy shaped colored hair of the punks and especially the dark clothing and make up of the goths. That's why at first sight they are often mistaked as goths (but we'll talk about this fact later, in a specific article).

The mixture of this clothing style took to this:

Now I'm not saying it's a ugly style. I'm not here to judge. But the main reasons emos are not very welcomed by goths (and anybody else!xD ) is that they wear and act certain ways just to get attention. Maybe this fact was favoured by the advent of social networks like Netlog and Facebook where people, especially this kids, are encouraged to post pictures of themselves so they can make "friends" more easily, so the appearance is the x factor. As I already said, emos are mostly teenagers. But these ones are total spoiled brats! no offence (or maybe yes...xD). Thanks to the confusion the medias created in these kids minds, they associated being emo with being depressed, having problems, suicidal tendencies (no..not the band! xD) and cutting themselves "to let the pain out" (as many songs they listen to tell).

These kids are making of depression, a SERIOUS illness, a fashion trend. (and here all the respect you might have had for them should have gone forever.. U.U)
In fact many so called emos are only acting depressed so they look more emos to the eyes of the world. They fake they have problems, making of every foolness a traumatic experience (example: My girlfriend left me so I'm going to suicide myself or today I fell off the bed which means the world is against me and so I'm going to cut myself in corner of my room while listening to MCR.). They show off their scars to everybody (thing a true depressed wouldn't absolutely do) and all just to get attention.

Today's youth is sick.


PS. Part 2 is coming soon!

26 March 2011

The Birthday Massacre

Genre: Synth Rock, Electronic, Industrial, Alternative Rock.
Country: Canada.
Activity Period: 1999 - Present.
Members: Chibi: Vocals.
Rainbow: Guitar, Programming, Back Vocals.
Michael Falcore: Guitar, Programming.
Owen: Keyboards
O.E.: Bass, Back Vocals.
Rhim: Drums.
Discography: 2000 Imagica I (Demo)
2000 Imagica II (Demo)
2002 Nothing And Nowhere
2004 Violet EP
2005 Violet
2007 Walking With Strangers.
2008 Looking Glass EP
2009 Show And Tell (Live)
2010 Pins & Needles
Videography: 2005 Blue DVD
2009 Show And Tell

The Birthday Massacre is a Synth Rock band from Toronto, Canada previously know them under the name Imagica formed in 1999. The band has passed for changes line-up in keyboards with Dank (1999–2001), Adm (2002–2004) and Brett Carruthers (2004) and bass with Aslan (1999-2007). Currently the band are formed by Chibi on Vocals, Rainbow in Guitar, Programming, Vocals, Michael Falcore in Guitar and Programming, Owen in Keyboards, O.E. in Bass (previously in drums), Vocals and Rhim in Drums.
The audiovisual proposal of the band combines a sound is unique, fusioning electronic and rock sounds including Synth Rock, Industrial Rock, Gothic Rock and elements of 80's to work aggressive guitar sounds combined with the elegance of the synthesized melodies with dark lyrics mixing adult and child topics about horror, inocence, tragedy, infancy and fantasy. All This elements help to the aesthetic of the band is quite obscure, sometimes with a fetish character, bloody clothing, and clothing of a child model.
The Birthday Massacre after to have released of independient way their firsts and limited demos also released of independient way their album "Nothing and Nowhere" in 2002 and "Violet EP" in 2004 till in the fall of 2004, the band was signed to Repo Records and in 2005 the band signed to Metropolis Records releasing the album "Violet" with wich they did known as global way; this same year release their dvd "Blue DVD". In 2007 released "Walking With Strangers" and one year after "Looking Glass EP". In 2009 the band published their live album and dvd "Show And Tell", featuring 16 live tracks from their show in Hamburg, Germany from their Walking with Strangers European Tour in 2007.
The band posted a blog on their official MySpace announcing that they are going to continue writing and recording the new album which were be released in 2010, Pins & Needles.
The Birthday Massacre have a lot of loyal followers of differents styles but mainlny from gothic subculture.

The Birthday Massacre - Violet


15 March 2011

Why people fear goths

We had a discussion about "Goths and discrimination" in GothicDivine club on Stardoll and member Kittychild gave a simple but very clear explanation on why people have fear of goths.

"The way I see it (a little lesson here)
It's a common human instinct to be afraid of anything "different". Way back in the stone age, anything could have been a threat, so the best way to stay alive was to attack anything that was different, in case it hurt you. And that builds fear in whatever it is.
People are particualairly scared of dark things. Dark is always used to symbolize evil and whatnot. Because in the dark, you can't see anything, and thus, anything could be a threat.
So people who dress suposedly "dark" and "different" are a perfect example of people fearing what they won't give a chance to understand.
I understand that this happens, but I can't relate to it."
I think she is right but still i think the people reaction is exagerated. How can you discriminate a human being for being a bit different from you? People go on saying the world is nice because it's full of different things but when they meet the different thing all they do is discriminate it. A bit incoherent isn't it?
I knew people who where afraid of me, they thought I was the child of satan, a demon, mad, freak and a lot of bad thing that HURT me. But then when they got to know me they realized I was exactly like them. Except for the fact that I was into a different type of music that they ended up saying "it isn't so bad after all", a different kind of clothing that became "cool and classy" to them, a different kind of taste in things and a vision of the world that they then realised was "cool and interesting".
Never judge people before you get to know them.
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