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23 May 2011

True Blood - TV series for vampire lovers

True Blood is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball. True Blood is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, and details the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a small, fictional town in the state of Louisiana. The series centers on Sookie Stackhouse (played by actress Anna Paquin), a telepathic waitress at a bar, who falls in love with vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

Following the creation of synthetic blood, vampires have progressed from legendary monsters to fellow citizens overnight. Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath and waitress at Merlotte's in the small Lousiana town of Bon Temps, owned by Sam Merlotte , a shapeshifter—though this secret is kept hidden. One night, Sookie meets Bill Compton, a handsome 173-year-old vampire who has returned to Bon Temps following the death of his last remaining relative. As she cannot hear his thoughts, she finds it easy to be in his company and, over the first season, the two become romantically involved.

At first I was skeptical about this series as it came out more or less at the same time of Twilight series (which is in my opinion the most stupid and ridiculous saga ever about vampires), so I thought it was similar to it but instead this is much more mature and well-done. Vampires are serious, they don't sparkle in the sun playing baseball...they are regular vampires who die in the sun!! LOL

Also what I really appreciated about this series is the fantastic opening sequence!

They have already done 3 series on tv and now the 4th is coming! Can't wait to see it! :)

Corsets and corsages

The Corset is one of goth's favourite garments to wear, in all material, from pvc to velvet. But what's a corset? And do you know the difference between corset and corsage?

A corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing it, or with a more lasting effect). Both men and women are known to wear corsets, though women are more common wearers.

In recent years, the term "corset" has also been borrowed by the fashion industry to refer to tops which, to varying degrees, mimic the look of traditional corsets without actually acting as one. While these modern corsets and corset tops often feature lacing and/or boning and generally mimic a historical style of corsets, they have very little if any effect on the shape of the wearer's body. Genuine corsets are usually made by a corsetmaker and should be fitted to the individual wearer.

The most common and well-known use of corsets is to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women this most frequently emphasizes a curvy figure, by reducing the waist, and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips. However, in some periods, corsets have been worn to achieve a tubular straight-up-and-down shape, which involves minimizing the bust and hips.

For men, corsets are more customarily used to slim the figure. However, there was a period from around 1820 to 1835 when a wasp-waisted figure (a small, nipped-in look to the waist) was also desirable for men; this was sometimes achieved by wearing a corset.

An overbust corset encloses the torso, extending from just under the arms to the hips. An underbust corset begins just under the breasts and extends down to the hips. Some corsets extend over the hips and, in very rare instances, reach the knees. A shorter kind of corset, which covers the waist area (from low on the ribs to just above the hips), is called a waist cincher. A corset may also include garters to hold up stockings (alternatively a separate garter belt may be worn for that).

Normally a corset supports the visible dress, and spreads the pressure from large dresses, such as the crinoline and bustle. Sometimes a corset cover is used to protect outer clothes from the corset and to smooth the lines of the corset. The original corset cover was worn under the corset to provide a layer between it and the body. Corsets were not worn next to the skin, possibly due to difficulties with laundering these items during the 19th century, as they had steel boning and metal eyelets which would rust. The corset cover would be in the form of a light chemise, made from cotton lawn or silk.

Corsage refers to the bodice of a dress. In the 19th century, corsage was a common term for a woman's bodice or jacket.

In modern usage, corsage is often confused with a corset, but a corset is tighter. A bridal corset is often a corsage. Originally, a bouquet of flowers, flower bud, or a bow was worn on the corsage between the breasts, hence the name corsage for a cluster of flowers worn on the breast, waist or wrist.

 (example of bridal corsage)

(all infos taken from wikipedia)

"So, what happened to the corset? In 1960, DuPont introduced Lycra to the manufacturing process, making whalebone or metal-framed corsets obsolete, and transforming the corset proper into the girdle. Then in the 70s bra-burning feminists brought cries for less restrictive, more natural feminine fashions. But the corset never completely vanished, no it's still here and it's still absolutely the hallmark of fashion! " - taken from marieantoinettinteriors.blogspot.com

Some famous corset lacing scenes:

Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the wind:

Rose in Titanic:

22 May 2011


22nd May 2011 !! :D


by Gothic Divine Staff

Supporting Goth Culture Everyday

20 May 2011

When gothic music & art combine

Caro (the writer of the music section) already wrote an article about Sopor Aeternus & the ensemble of shadows (click here ) some time ago. They have just released a new album called " Have you seen this Ghost?" and guess who collaborated with them for the artwork of this album?? Our beloved Natalie Shau (click HERE to know who she is) !!

I think her artwork for this album is fantastic! No wonder Sopor Aeternus made a limited edition with a special edition with a book with all the artworks :)

She also did artwork for the new album of The BirthDay Massacre (Pins & needles) and Cradle Of filth (Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa)!

Check this out!

There are some more but you can easily search them around the web :)

Some Gothic Nail Art Ideas

These are some examples I found around the internet of gothic nail art and of course I thought about sharing it with you!

These are some examples I found around the internet of gothic nail art and of course I thought about sharing it with you!

 I'm in love with all of them *-*
(the purple ones are my favourites! ♥)

19 May 2011


This Sunday 22th May it's the official day for celebrating goth culture. I didn't know about it before, I found out about it a few months ago and I forgot to write about it. (I'm known for having short memory xD)

This is the official site: http://www.worldgothday.com/

You can vote for the World Goth Day awards on the site to pick your favourite model, shop, blog etc ! :) just click HERE

So how are you guys going to celebrate this day?

Here are a few tips on how to support goth culture on WGD!

1) Organize a goth party with friends, if you have a band go and play a gig somewhere
2) Go ask your local radio to play your favourite goth song
3) Dress as gothy as you can! (Yayyy xD)
4) Create something goth. Like sew a lace skirt, create your own goth jewel (like Amy of Ultimate Goth Guide is doing --> click)
5) Comment this blog!!! ^_____^ just kidding..but if you do, you are supporting goth culture on the internet so comment on all goth blogs you know wishing an happy WGD to everyone :)
6) Support underground goth bands on My Space!
7)Change the disposition of your gothy posters in your room xD
8) bake cakes in the shape of bats, crosses (what ever gothy thing comes into your mind :P)

Just use fantasy... :)


Summer is coming and it's time to give out tips on how to survive during summer. I believe 90% of you reading this are "allergic" to hot weather, the sweating, the thick air, the humidity, the sun-burning etc. So here are some advice from me to get you through summer without suffering too much :P

CLOTHES: Avoid wearing boots. I know it's hard for some of you but there are nice other open shoes you can use. Not wearing boots won't make you less goth than you are and it's way better for yur blood circulation an..well..feet odour! xD I suggest you use flip flops or platform sandals or flats (see pics!). Maybe add some fake tattoos on your feet or ankle skin to make it more eye-catching. Try to avoid thick socks and leggings. Wear light clothes. Try avoiding black (it attracts the sun and can get you sunburnt more easily)..go for white clothes to spice up with some thin accessories.

HAIR: Keep 'em hydrated! Use an oil based hair mask at least once a week! Try to keep your hair up in a ponytail and pin up your fringe. You'll sweat way less this way. Use a hat or a bandana or parasol to keep them away from the sun.

SKIN: As we all know, the main problem for goths is the tanning. I personally don't mind getting tanned (beside the fact that I already am naturally tanned, I enjoy getting this exotic look that makes me look like Cleopatra xD). But for all of you with white skin, if you don't want to get sun burnt or get those ridicolous red ,orange tan, please follow my instructions: As I said in the post on how to get a perfect skin, there are some hydrating skin lotions with sun protect factor. Put it on especially in the morning and wait until your skin absorbs it. Before exposing yourself to the sun, wear a sunscreen lotion with the highest SPF ! (like the one for kids xD) and wait until it is absorbed by the skin (takes usually 20 or 30 minutes) otherwise if you don't wait the lotion won't work and it will "fry" under the sun. If you can, stay in shade or hide under a parasol. After the sun exposure, go home and wash yourself with soap (using water only will make the tan stay). To be sure not to have got sunburnt put an aftersun lotion.

If you have other ideas or things to add, please tell in the comments! ^__^

Guide to perfect (goth) skin!

First of all, being pale doesn't necessarily mean being white. It means having your skin in a one or two tones lighter than your normal colour. Many goths make the mistake of putting the Halloween white foundation on their skins but that only makes them look clownish, especially because many do the mistake of stopping at their chin instead of covering all the neck and ears too. :P

So..how to get a perfect skin for gothic style?

First of all, always clean your skin with cleanser specific for your kind of skin. For example, if you have greasy skin, go look for a mattyfing cleanser! Makes your skin opaque for all day and controls your face sweat. Use it to wash your face in the morning and at night. Right after cleansing, use a cotton pad and spray some tonic on it. You'll see it will clean your pores more deeply. Finally use a lotion to hydrate your skin (better if put before going to sleep!). Many lotions have a Sun Protection Factor (usually SPF 15) so it's good for the summer too if you don't want to get tanned.

After all these boring procedure that you have to too EVERYDAY, (don't worry you'll get used to it, especially after seeing the amazing results :) let's go to the make-up part.

1)Put a primer all over your face. This will make all the imperfections fade away a little bit (wrinkles, spots etc.) and will make your foundation last longer!

2) choose a foundation that's at least ONE tone lighter than your skin. I noticed that some foundations tend to get darker after put on. Try to choose a "cold" nuance if you want to achieve a paler skin. Please DO NOT choose PINK BASED FOUNDATION. That will make you look like a PIG! Choose a beige based one! It's even better if it is MINERAL based. Apply EVENLY on all your face. Eyelids too. (Use a brush or a little sponge of best results!)

3) let the foundation dry a bit (if it is liquid!) and then apply the concelear (this one too a tone lighter then your skin color!) on the imperfections that you can still see.

4) Use finishing powder to fix the foundation and make your skin opaque/porcelain looking :)

5) put the other make-up you need. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick etc and you're done! :)


18 May 2011

100 Gothic Divinities

ooohh!! We finally reached 100 followers!! I'm so happy :) Thank you all my dear Gothic Divinities for joining Gothic Divine Magazine!! ♥

We are working to make it better, new columns, new polls, new music etc.

oh and if any of you wants to collaborate with this blog and write for it please contact me (BallerinaDark) in the guestbook ! :)

♥ Thanks again by Gothic Divine Staff ♥

13 May 2011


Something I should do more often, suggest you some movies for you gothy weekends! :)

ROSE RED (2002)

Rose Red Poster

A TV mini-series written by Stephen King! A group of people with psychic powers are invited to awake a sleeping giant that is Rose Red. But as their stay grows longer, they find that not only have they awoken Rose Red, they've unleased a power that will doom them all...


In the fascist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world..

This is one of my favourite movies EVER! Guillermo Del Toro is a genius!! That's why i suggest you this other movie by him called


Reminds a lot of the movie The Others, if you liked that you are surely going to love this one! :)

Funny Goth videos

Funny video a friend suggested me to watch:

XD I love these guys!

Don't get offended. These are purely ironic videos. :P

09 May 2011

Another amazing goth blog!

Our 94th follower , Amy aka "theultimategothguide" has an amazing blog you all should go and make your bible! xD It's in someways similar to Gothic Divine Magazine so if you like us you'll surely love this other one too :)

The blog is called The Ultimate Goth Guide and you can read it by clicking HERE.


06 May 2011

Sanguis Et Cinis

Genre: Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Alternative Rock.
Country: Austria.
Activity Period: 1994 - 2007.
Members: Eve Evangel: Vocals, guitars, programming.
Celine Cecilia Angel: Vocals, arrangements, muse.
Phil Chains: Bass.
Dushi: Guitars.
Loco: Percusions.
Discography: 1995 Requiem 1791 (Demo)
1995 Untitled (Demo)
1996 Collection 93-95 (Demo Collection)
1996 Schicksal
1997 unfreiwillig abstrakt (MCD)
1998 ...wie der unberührte Traum einer Jungfrau
1999 fremde Federn (MCD)
1999 Madrigal
2000 Tragic Years (Compilation)
2000 Amnesia
2002 not gonna... (MCD)
2000 Alright, let's rock!
2003 TH1RTE3N

Sanguis Et Cinis was a band originally from Austria and founded in 1989 by Eve Evangel (Actual Lolita Komplex) starting as solo-project, Eve had been working with several musicans during that period until Eve got to know Ashley Dayour in 1994 and they instantly decided to start to work together until they decided to never ever play music again for incidents ocurred, with the first real band line up, came the first live appearance. The next year the band play in their first official show, concerts in Austria and Slovakia, releasing the first demo. In 1996 the second demo is released and Celine C.Angel joins the band, first recorddeal with MOS records in the principaly of Liechtenstein, recordings in Switzerland, release of the debut album "Schicksal". In 1997 they release a videotape named "das Siegel" with two videoclips, after shows in Germany and Belgium, releasing the MCD "unfreiwillig abstrakt", signing a new recorddeal with Trinity Records (Trisol) in Germany. To the next year, in 1998 the band release the second album "...wie der unberührte Traum einer Jungfrau".
In 1999 a strictly limited edition of remix-EP "fremde Federn" is release for more late release the third album "Madrigal". At begining of 2000 re-release their first two albums originally published by MOS under the name "Tragic Years - a collection of early releases and more" including unreleased versions, demos, etc. and recorded in Germany with Bruno Kramm (from Das Ich), release of the fourth album "Amnesia", wich give an international recognition in the gothic scene, wich led at the next year to touring for different countries and shooting in differents comunications media like magazines and TV, time after Phil Chains joins the band. In 2002 is release of "best of" album only for Mexico and Southamerica, also release of the single "not gonna..." and the fifth album "Alright, let's rock!". The next year after concerts, record in Germany with Alex Krull (Atrocity, Leaves Eyes), also videoshoot and produce for the song "Fly Away". release of the sixth album "TH1RTE3N". This ssame year Celine appears as guestvocalist on the Samsas Traum album "Tineoidea".
In 2004 Sanguis Et Cinis contributes for the "the Cure tribute - Our voices" with the sing Friday, I'm in love, headlining South-Africa-tour, concerts in Germany (f.e.WGT), videoshoot and produce for the song "Deviant" (from the album "TH1RTE3N"). To play in different concerts around the world the next year.
In 2006 keep with the concerts in their homeland, recording in Germany with Martin Schmidt (Ex-Atrocity, Ex-Leaves Eyes), The guitarist Dushi and the drummer Loco join the band, videoshoot and production for the song "Mind over body" from yet unreleased 7th album. .
In 2007 after the anounced of the upcoming 7th album. and a concert in Bosnia, suddenly Sanguis Et Cinis published in January 2008 their death, leaving questions about where is the new album? and what did happen?, althought they said still did plan to release the last and 7th album as a goodbye gift for all the fans, still not happens.

An element that characterizes the group musical work is the headlining of their lyrics, being a mixture of languages as german, english and latin. Their mainn influence is in bands like the beginings of Lacrimosa and Shadow Project.
After all these years of work, there is a clear evolution in the conception has transmuted musically and lyrically, with thematics that talk about religion, sex, drugs, pain and death.

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